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Meet the maker — blanca olmos

In my shop you'll find a selection of the work of Blanca Olmos. At her atelier in Barcelona she constructs handmade jewellery and everyday objects made from ceramic.
Blanca's designs are known for the simple, organic structure and flowy, geomatric forms.  
All of her products are made-to-order, which is not only a sustainable way of work, but also an environment-friendly way.
The work of Blanca makes me daydream about Spain. My mind drifts off to large tables centered in the streets, filled with tapas ofcourse, long nights at the beach and the traditional earrings of Flamenco-dansers.
All Blanca's products are made by hand, meaning that every piece is an unique object, which only shows that imperfections and abnormalities only makes the piece more beautiful. Small pieces of art, to wear or to use every day, to remind us of the beauty in our own imperfections. 
Blanca's plates were one of the first products in my webshop, after meeting each other online, I asked Blanca some questions about her products. 
Hi Blanca, First, when did you start Blanca Olmos Studios, and ofcourse, how did you come to this direction?